Families often enjoy getting away and spending time together. Sometimes this involves a weekend get-away; other times, this involves an extended vacation. In either case, the Missouri family may decide to take a tour or participate in some other venture designed to appeal to vacationers. The expectation is that the family will enjoy their time together rather than fall victim to a wrongful death incident.

Companies that provide tours, excursions and other opportunities for vacationers are expected to operate in a safe manner. The individuals and families taking advantage of these opportunities expect that safety precautions will be taken and that each member of the team will be properly trained. Additionally, they anticipate that the tour or excursion provider will follow the rules and regulations associated with the business.

In 2015, a husband and father participated in a white-water rafting excursion. According to his wife, rafting passengers were not properly trained for the conditions on the river that day. The raft flipped, and the man lost his life as a result. In addition to the lack of training, his wife alleged that the flotation device her husband was given was old and that company employees did not utilize a two-way radio as required.

The wife sued the rafting company for wrongful death. Her husband’s death left the family with medical expenses, funeral expenses and loss of income in addition to the emotional turmoil she and her children faced. This case was recently settled for an undisclosed amount. Whenever a Missouri family finds themselves in a similar situation, there is legal recourse available to assist in the recovery process.