Life often changes without warning. One moment, the Missouri resident is working hard and the next minute, he takes his last breath. Sometimes, these sudden changes are brought on by something related to the individual and his personal well-being; other times, another individual is at fault. All too often, motor vehicle accidents are to blame.

Recently, a tow truck driver was called to assist a motorist whose vehicle was stopped on the side of the interstate. As a part of his job, he had to get out of his truck in order to take care of the other driver and his vehicle. This was most likely a routine task that he had performed hundreds of times without incident. Unfortunately, this was not the case this time, and he died at the scene of the accident.

Apparently, another driver on this stretch of interstate failed to move over and hit the tow truck driver. According to a witness, the driver stopped, offered the witness money and then drove away. Missouri law enforcement stopped the driver who then admitted to drinking prior to driving. A blood alcohol test was conducted, although the results have not yet been made public.

In this particular case, the driver who hit the tow truck driver was arrested and charged. This action may give the family some sense of justice, yet it does nothing to alleviate the grief the family must now come to terms with. Motor vehicle accidents can leave more that just accident debris; they can leave a legacy of financial and emotional loss. When this happens, the family may decide that it is in their best interest to purse the matter in civil court.