Sometimes it just seems as if there is not enough money to go around. The mortgage, utilities, car note, credit cards, medical bills and other monthly expenses need to be paid; however, the amount of money coming in is less than the amount that needs to go out. Sometimes as life happens the Missouri resident is unable to pay all of his or her bills. In addition to the stress associated with this situation, it is possible that collection agency harassment may become an issue.

When an individual is unable to pay his or her debts, these debts may be turned over to a collection agency. This collection agency will then attempt to make contact and arrange for the debts to be paid. In doing so, collection agencies have specific guidelines and regulations that they must abide by.

Collection agencies may contact the debtor by phone; however, they may not make repetitive phone calls designed to intimidate the debtor and/or the debtor’s family. Additionally, when placing calls to the debtor, the collection agency representative is required to identify him or herself as such. Such calls also may not include language which appears to be profane or violent in nature.

When dealing with a collection agency, it is a good idea to keep records of all contact. This should include information regarding phone calls as well as letters sent and received. Even though the Missouri resident may be behind in paying a debt, this does not mean that collection agency harassment is acceptable.