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A truck crash occurs every couple hours. Thousands of heavy and large truck accidents each year with dozens of fatalities and and hundreds of injuries. The Eason Law Firm, a trusted St. Louis Truck Accident Lawyer, can help navigate the complexities of your case, fight for the compensation you deserve, and ensure you and your family are supported on the road to recovery.

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Every year, thousands of people are involved in serious truck accidents. These accidents can cause devastating injuries, emotional trauma, and significant financial burdens. A St. Louis Truck Accident Lawyer like James Eason can help navigate the complexities of your case, fight for the compensation you deserve, and ensure you and your family are supported on the road to recovery.

Underinsured Motorist Arbitration Award
$ 500000
Wrongful Death Settlement
$ 1000000
Personal Injury Case
$ 300000

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For over ten years, the Eason Law Firm has championed the rights of St. Louis victims of truck accidents. We understand the immense challenges you face after a collision, and our dedication to securing maximum compensation for our clients makes Eason Law the clear choice for getting you back on your feet.

Truck Accident Statistics

The average commercial vehicle weighs 20-30 times more than a passenger vehicle, and it can take significantly longer for a truck to come to a complete stop than a car or SUV, especially if wet or icy road conditions, distracted driving, alcohol use, and other negligent driving behaviors are present.

Truck drivers are often on the road for long periods. Under federal truck driver regulations, CDL drivers are prohibited from being on the road for more than 14 hours in a 24-hour period, and of the 14 hours, only 11 can be consecutive before drivers are required to rest.

If federal trucking regulations are violated, the consequences are severe – drivers can lose their CDL licenses or jobs, face hefty fines, or even be pressed with criminal charges depending on the severity of the accident. Despite the consequences of violating trucking regulations, one of the top causes of commercial truck accidents is driver fatigue, which can cause or contribute to the following most common truck accidents:

  • Rear-End Collisions
  • Head-On Collisions
  • Rollover Truck Accidents
  • Turning Accidents
  • Sideswipe Accidents

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The number of fatal truck accidents that occur annually in the U.S. is 30% higher than it was in 2009. While truck accidents don’t always result in a fatality, most of the time, critical injuries such as head trauma, broken and fractured limbs, and back/neck issues are involved, which can result in steep medical expenses, pain and suffering damages, lost wages, and other severe damages. If you or someone you love is one of the hundreds of people that are injured or killed every year in truck accidents in Missouri, you need to hire the St. Louis Truck Accident Lawyers at the Eason Law Firm to take control of your case.

James Eason’s commitment to excellence and unquenchable desire to always win has made the Eason Law Firm the number one choice of Missouri and Illinois residents for help with their commercial truck accident claims. To schedule a free case review or consultation with the St. Louis Truck Accident Lawyers at the Eason Law Firm and discuss the options available to your truck accident case, call 314-932-1066 now.

Steps to Take After a Large Truck Accident

Pursuing a truck accident claim is similar to recovering compensation for a car accident; the first thing that you should do after a truck accident is seek medical attention and obtain a copy of your medical report from the treating physician to document your injuries. After getting treatment for your injuries, it’s crucial to file a police report. A police report is compelling evidence, especially if it includes reports from witnesses to the crash. Lastly, it’s crucial to hire a lawyer to take control of your case. An experienced lawyer can obtain copies of your medical or police report, a copy of the negligent truck driver’s driving record, and has the resources needed to collect additional compelling evidence to support your claim.

Trucking companies often attempt to deny claims involving independent contractors. However, in some states, independent contractors are considered “employees” of a company if they use a company vehicle, receive benefits other than a paycheck, or don’t have freedom over the work that they are doing, including when and how the job is done.

If a trucking company attempts to deny your truck accident claim, and the state the accident occurred in recognizes independent contractors as “employees” in the case of an accident, an experienced lawyer can prove the employer’s liability under Vicarious Liability. While there is always the option to settle a case outside of court, most of the time, if a case has reached an advanced level, and the other party has tried to deny the injured person’s claim, with the help of a lawyer it can be a wise decision to file a lawsuit against the truck driver’s employer.


Frequently Asked Questions

If you are in an accident with a large truck, seek immediate medical attention. If you’re able to safely, take photos or videos with your phone. After your care has begun, you should seek legal representation.

  1. Call 911 to inform law enforcement about the accident and who was at fault reporting all injuries for you and all passengers. 
  2. Never make an admission of fault against yourself. 
  3. Request an ambulance at the scene of the accident for anyone injured regardless how small the injuries may seem. 
  4. Call Eason Law for a free consultation at 314-932-1066.
  5. Refuse to talk to any insurance adjusters or investigators from the trucking company without legal representation. 
  6. Take photographs of the vehicle damage, any injuries and the general accident scene. 
  7. Photograph any truck identification, including the the DOT numbers and Motor Carrier numbers as well as names and company logos on the trailer.
  8. Write down any names, phone numbers, addresses and other pertinent information on all drivers and any accident witnesses. 
  9. Seek medical care at the closest primary hospital emergency room and not minor emergency centers. Report every symptom including pain, numbness or tingling.
  10. Never hire an ordinary attorney and only hire qualified and experienced truck accident lawyers, like Eason Law.

Who is liable is dependent on the situation but we can consider legal action against the driver, the trucking company and their insurance company. Eason Law will work to collect from all responsible parties.

There are many types of injuries due to large truck accidents but these are among the most common:

  • Wrongful Death
  • Whiplash injuries
  • Amputation injuries
  • Back and neck injuries
  • Bone fractures
  • Traumatic Brain injuries
  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Internal injuries
  • Seat belt injuries
  • Knee injuries
  • Lung and respiratory injuries such as pneumonia from fractured ribs
  • Shoulder injuries
  • Burn injuries from car and truck fires
  • Scarring and disfigurement injuries

How much money is dependent on the details of your case but could include:

  • Medical benefits
  • Wage loss benefits
  • Rehabilitation benefits
  • Substitution
  • Funeral benefits 

In Missouri, the statute of limitations for filing a personal injury claim is 5 years (Missouri Code section 516.120) to bring a lawsuit for your injuries. But you should never wait until that long. Evidence is quickly lost from the accident scene so you should move quickly.

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It’s crucial when pursuing a claim against a large company to have an experienced lawyer by your side. Large companies are often represented by aggressive insurance companies that will attempt to take advantage of you during this vulnerable time, obtain an incriminating statement to use against you, and/or offer you a lower settlement than you deserve for your injuries and financial damages caused by the defective product. A Defective Products Lawyer in St. Louis can protect you from the other party’s insurer and defend your right to recover compensation for your case.

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