After a long hot summer, autumn has finally come. As this favorite time of year takes place, most will be getting into repair and renovation projects on their houses and backyards. Many power tools-from saws to drills to nail guns-are necessary for these repairs. Here are three Important tool safety tips that are crucial in operation of these dangerous pieces of equipment.


Before you start working with power tools, make sure you know how to properly use them. Although no one enjoys flipping through manuals, it is necessary that you read up on how to properly use a tool, especially if you have never used it before.


Inspect all tools before you begin using them, including all power cords and accessories. Check your surroundings to be sure you are not working in wet conditions. When you are ready to start using your tools, be sure to your tools are sharp, well-oiled and that you are wearing the proper protective equipment.


While you are working with your tools, you must be alert at all times. Even being distracted just the slightest can lead towards detrimental injuries. Pay attention at all times when your power tools are in use. Most importantly, turn off all power tools when they are not in use.

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