When you are battling an illness or injury, you should be able to rely on your doctor to provide you with the proper care you need. However, there are thousands of cases of medical malpractice every year due to doctors’ being negligent and not giving you the solution you need. Patients then can face detrimental consequences that can prohibit them from living their normal lives.

If you have experienced wrongdoing from your doctor, filing a medical malpractice claim is an important step in getting the justice you deserve. Here are three factors that can determine if your situation may lead to a medical malpractice claim.


A doctor is expected to properly diagnose each patient. It is important to note that the diagnosis must be one that any competent doctor would have been able to discover. If that is the case, and the patient could have achieved a better outcome with a proper diagnosis, then this may be a viable medical malpractice claim.


In addition to a proper diagnosis, the patient deserves proper treatment. All doctors should be treating their patients with the most effective method. Some examples of improper treatment are giving the patient the wrong dosage, giving the patient the wrong medication or leaving things inside the patient’s body after surgery.


To make a medical malpractice claim, you must be able to prove that your doctor violated the medical standard of care. So whether you received the wrong diagnosis or improper treatment, the medical standard of care is the type and amount of skill and attention that a well-informed health care professional, in the same medical field, would have provided to the patient.

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