We all know that one person. He says, “Why pay a lawyer? You can do it yourself! I settled my claim on my own.” I want to share a story with you. I received a call from a potential client in March 2016.

This person had sustained a significant personal injury, a hand injury during a job interview when the potential employer wanted the client to demonstrate his potential job duties during the interview. Since he wasn’t an employee, the client didn’t qualify for worker’s compensation. The client wanted to try and settle the claim by himself.

I told the client that I didn’t think he would receive the true value for his case without filing a lawsuit, but he wanted to try and settle on his own. I gave him a few talking points and told him to give the insurance carrier his “bottom line” number right away. The client appreciated my help and promised me that he would come back to me if he couldn’t get the claim resolved.

In my opinion, the insurance carrier should have settled with him. It was a significant injury, and the client had not received proper training to be asked to demonstrate his ability. Of course, the insurance carrier did not offer him fair compensation for his injuries. He came back to our office. We filed suit one day later.

I’m happy to say the case settled within three weeks of being filed. The client was so happy and grateful with the fair compensation he received for his injuries. In my experience, a person who negotiates with the insurance company without legal counsel does so at their own peril. Call the Eason Law Firm, LLC to receive fair compensation for your injuries. There is no fee unless you recover. Call now at (314) 932-1066 or visit our website.