Missouri residents likely have expectations for the care and service they will receive when they go to any type of doctor, including the dentist. This is also the case when taking children to the doctor. When doctors violate the trust that parents place in them when caring for children, it can have tragic consequences. Recently, a family filed a lawsuit against Kool Smiles dental clinic alleging medical malpractice and other mistakes that ultimately led to the death of their young son.

This incident is a sad reminder of what can happen when patients do not get the full amount of attention and care they need. In the lawsuit, the family is seeking damages for what they claim are inexcusable errors and instances of medical negligence. They said the dental clinic ignored signs of an issue when their son was undergoing a procedure, then failed to provide him with monitoring as he recovered.

During recovery, the boy was left by himself while the doctors began treating other patients. Kool Smiles has a business model designed to move many patients through in a day, and the lawsuit claims that the clinic leaves too little time between appointments to provide each patient with quality care. The anesthesiologist is also named a defendant in the lawsuit.

The family hopes that by fighting for justice and bringing attention to this matter, other deaths of innocent young patients can be prevented. Each doctor and health care provider has an obligation to protect each patient, and when they do not do this, victims may seek legal recourse. If a Massachusetts reader is suffering due to medical malpractice, he or she may want to learn more about potential legal options as soon as possible.