It can all start with a crash. The Missouri driver is driving along the road and suddenly an accident has occurred. To others, this is just one of the over six million motor vehicle accidents that occur each year in America. Yet, to those involved, it is “the” accident.

The natural thing to do when an accident occurs is to make sure that everyone is alright and to begin to sort out the details. Ensuring everyone’s safety is of primary importance. This can be done by turning on hazard lights and making sure that each individual is standing away from the road. Additionally, the police should be notified and a call for emergency personnel should be placed if necessary.

Determining if anyone needs immediate medical attention is where the “sorting out” should remain focused. The drivers will then want to exchange information, take pictures of the accident scene and the damaged vehicles and even draw a diagram of what happened. However, the drivers will also want to avoid discussing the accident. During stressful times such as those involved with motor vehicle accidents, drivers may not accurately state what happened. By speaking prior to calming down and thinking through the situation, one may inadvertently say something that misplaces fault for the accident.

Yes, the driver will need to discuss the accident. Additionally, one will want to remain aware of his or her physical condition even if medical attention seemed unnecessary at the time. In the heat of the moment, victims of motor vehicle accidents may not believe that they have suffered serious injury. These are all concerns that should be addressed with one’s own insurance company and legal counsel.