The death of a child can be devastating to any family. Suddenly, the contagious laughter and love that filled the home is replaced by a void that cannot be filled. If the child had been diagnosed with a deadly disease, this loss is still devastating yet expected. However, when this death is the result of a misdiagnosis or other such preventable occurrence, the Missouri parents may decide that pursuing a wrongful death claim is the appropriate course of action.

Last February, concerned parents took their 9-month-old son to the emergency room. Emergency room staff examined the infant, concluded that he was suffering from an everyday virus, and sent the family home. Still concerned about his condition, the family returned to the emergency room three days later, and hospital staff concurred with their previous diagnosis and treatment plan. The family was again sent home.

Apparently, the child was actually suffering from bacterial meningitis. The morning after being sent home a second time, the child had a stroke, and the family sought treatment at a different hospital. The child was allegedly accurately diagnosed this time; however, the diagnosis came too late. He died as a result of what his parents claim was an avoidable delay in treatment.

It appears that the parents did their part in attempting to save their child’s life; however, their lawsuit against the original treating Missouri hospital claims that the hospital’s lack of appropriate diagnosis resulted in the wrongful death of their son. In a situation such as this one, legal action will not change the outcome, but it may bring a sense of justice and accountability to the situation. Experienced legal counsel can assist in navigating the process.