We call car crashes "accidents." But when someone runs a stop sign, is talking/texting on their phone or driving too fast for traffic conditions, where's the accident? When a person drives a car, they assume the responsibility to obey all traffic laws. They assume responsibility to pay attention to other drivers while not talking or texting on their cell phones. And if they don't, we have careless people driving large hunks of metal into people. Here's what you need to know if you're the victim of a car crash:

1. Call the police-Even if you don't think you're hurt. The police play a role in documenting how the crash occurred. This helps to avoid the he said/she said discussion with your insurance carrier and the other driver's insurance carrier.

2. Call your insurance carrier immediately you need to do this in the event the other driver doesn't have insurance. You don't have to make a claim, just let them know what happened.

3. If you feel pain at the scene of the crash, go to the hospital-This is the part people miss the most. They think they'll feel better tomorrow morning. You won't. In fact, you might feel as if the other driver hit you directly instead of your car. If you can't go to the hospital, at least go to your Primary Care Physician or to an Urgent Care Clinic.

4.Don't talk to the other driver's insurance company without seeking legal advice first- Remember this: Once the insurance company contacts you, their only interest is getting rid of you and your claim as quickly and as cheaply as possible. They, the insurance carrier, has no interest in your well-being. They don't care how you are doing. They only care about saving the insurance company money. Contact Us before having ANY conversations with the other side's insurance company.

5. REMEMBER, IT'S NOT YOUR FAULT - You were doing what you have a legal right to do, operate a motor vehicle on the road. Call the Eason Law Firm at 314.932.1066 to discuss your claim.